How Are Your Google Adwords Campaigns Working For You?

We hear it all the time.  “Google Adwords is a waste of money.”  It is true that it can be, but leveraged with the right tools, Adwords can be your best friend.  If not, you’re only going to be throwing money down the drain.

j4o Consulting’s goal for business owners is to effectively create websites that rank very well so that your Adwords budget can be decreased significantly.  Google Adwords should never be your sole source of lead generation.

In Nick Piereno’s blog “10 Ways to Drastically Improve Your Small/Local Business Adwords Campaigns,” he discusses ways to improve Adwords campaigns.

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The topics covered in his blog consist of:

  1. Conversions > Clicks
  2. Call Tracking
  3. Ad Extensions
  4. Campaign Type: Search Network Only
  5. Granular Location Targeting
  6. Optimized Landing Pages
  7. Stricter Match Types
  8. Negative Keywords
  9. Mobile-Only Click-to-Call
  10. Remarketing

Mr. Pierno goes on to say…

Advertising with Google Adwords can be a mixed bag for small business owners. There’s tremendous potential for getting your products and services in front of targeted buyers, especially at a local level, but the options are overwhelming and it can be tricky to understand exactly what you’re getting for your money.

Google is quite content to have business owners fire up a campaign, set a daily budget, add a few keywords, and call it a day. You give them your budget, they give you some clicks… everyone’s happy. Right?

We know that it’s difficult to spend so much time on setting up and managing ads while you’re busy running a business.  Leave this task to the experts of Google Adwords Advertising.  Whether you’re running small campaigns or large ones, we can help at a fair and reasonable price.  Additionally, we can help drive your Pay Per Click costs down by optimizing your current website or creating an awesome money producing lead generation website for you.  Contact us today at (817) 203-4442.

What do you think?  We’d love to hear your comments below!

Source:  10 Ways to Drastically Improve Your Small/Local Business Adwords Campaigns


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