Discover the Fortune that’s Hidden in Your Small Business

​Dear Small Business Owner…
What if:
… You had so many appointments that you couldn’t take any more on right now?
… You could raise your prices by 30%
… You could say no to those hard-to-please people and all the small jobs?
… You could get that nice Corvette or take a vacation to that you’ve always wanted?
Awesome news:  It’s all possible!  And by the end of this blog post, you’ll know how.
My name is Jesse, owner of j4o Consulting.  I make websites that make small business owners like you a lot of money.
Here’s an example:
​That website … … generated over 295 website views this week for my client, David M., owner of Power Steam Carpet Cleaning in Keller, Texas.
That was on top of all the other incoming leads he’d built up by optimizing his Google Business listing and cleaning up his business citations with our help.  It’s no wonder he calls me “the Peyton Manning of marketing.”
 Funny thing (well, not really) was that he had a website and other advertising sources that he paid a lot of money for and it wasn’t doing much for him.  Why?
Well, most web designers and advertisers only focus on making things look cool.  They don’t understand things like sales and copywriting.  And when it comes to getting people to actually visit that website?  They don’t even have a clue.
Me, on the other hand?  I’m no “website designer.”  Nor am I one of those silly marketing companies … like the one that rhymes with gelp.  I surely don’t spend my days calling local businesses … talking about how I can rank them on page one of Google.
Absolutely not.  I’m just a guy from a small town in Indiana who likes to work hard and truly help other businesses succeed.  That’s how I was raised.  I figured out, with a good amount of self-training … and failure.  I taught myself and started a business that helps other hard workers supercharge their businesses.  What’s the secret?
I create websites that show up everywhere your best potential clients are searching on the ‘net.
So, anytime someone searches for your service industry … bang, you are there on their screen.
Then, your website will tell them in simple words, why you’re the obvious business to use.
Finally, I’ll give them a reason to pick up the telephone or fill out a form to request a quote ASAP.
You can probably guess, a big snowball of sales begins to build and it’s going to pick up size and speed every day.
And because I will only work with one business type per city … and I don’t outsource my work … or cut corners … or spare any expense … and I learn about the ins and outs of your business?  I will take you from just “getting by” to “oh wow my!” in a matter of weeks.
Just ask David.  As a result of my hard work, he’s now:
… Able to spend more time not trying to figure out how to pay some bills.
… He’s able to say no to those pesky hard-to-please people.
… On pace to quite possibly have the biggest year in sales.
Guess what?  It gets better.
With so much less stress and freedom and more cash coming in, David is finally able to sop and smell the roses.
Don’t get me wrong, though.  I’m definitely not taking all the credit for this.
David’s a great guy.  He’s totally passionate about his business and those he serves.  Give his company a call and you’ll feel it when you talk to him or his schedulers on the phone.
In fact, I call him “the Peyton Manning of carpet cleaning.”  So, I guess you could say that, together, we’re a pretty good Pro Bowl team.
I’ll tell you what… we sure get paid like it!  (wink, wink)
If you’ve made it this far… I’m ready for my next Pro Bowl teammate.  I’ll be rinsing and repeating what I’ve done for David.  And guess what?  You most likely didn’t land here by accident.
I hope it’s obvious by now that whoever teams up with me will definitely undergo a major transformation.  Not only in your particular business, but also in every aspect of your life.
Imagine if it’s #1…YOU… Just think how I could help you:
… Find that fortune that’s been hidden, online, in your specific business.
… Fire that pain-in-the-wallet “web guy.”
… Say adios to the stress of the “slow season” forever.
… Raise your prices and pick only the good money deals.
… Smile and wave at your competitors as they’re starving for business and picking up your scraps.
… Tell those hard-to-please potential clients to “take a hike.”
… Wake up every day happy, calm, and proud of the life that you get to live.
Can you see it?
All of it is possible.  What do you say?
Give me a call or text now at (817) 203-4442.  Let’s do this.  If you don’t … that’s fine.  I wish you the best of luck … sincerely, I do.  If you ever need my help, you’ve got me on your team.
P.S.  If I don’t bring you more business, you don’t pay a dime.  So, there’s nothing to lose…

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