Real Estate Agents… Are You Keeping Up?

RE Leads

There is significant talk about how a Real Estate Agent’s days are numbered.  With today’s new technology that includes Zillow, Trulia, and low cost FSBO assistance, buyers and sellers are finding that they may get better deals by doing it themselves to save the expense of an Agent’s commission.

The article by Brian O’Connell, below, describes how the RE industry must keep up with the pace of new technology.  Are you keeping up or are you doing what everyone that’s been in the biz for so many years is telling you to do?  I’m sure there’s many folks that chuckle when they receive a “cold” postcard in the mail…

“There is some buzz in real estate circles that a large percentage of U.S. realtors will close their doors over the next decade, primarily because they resisted mobile technology.
That’s the sentiment from Mel Wilson, a real estate broker and owner of the real estate firm Mel Wilson & Associates in Northridge, Calif.

"Within the next ten years, at least half of the real estate companies that are not well-versed in conducting paperless transactions by using mobile technology will close their doors,” predicts Wilson.
Older, yet more experienced real estate professionals may be first to feel the pinch from a changing industry. Wilson says that’s because older agents aren’t using the technology tools that attract younger, tech-savvier real estate customers.

“Not only is there an age gap between the real estate agents and buyers/sellers, but there is a technology gap,” he says, adding that just 40,000 out of a total of 190,000 realtors who are members of the California Association of Realtors use electronic signatures.“  Read more here:  Are the Days of Real Estate Agencies Numbered?
What really caught our eye was when he discussed the ability to close deals with Baby Boomers and once they leave the market and become working with Millennials, they’re going to be forced to use the technology available or that Agent’s days are numbered in this industry.

This is so true when attempting to gain new clients.  What are your methods of attracting new clients?  Are you cold calling or sending those seemingly outdated mailers?  These techniques may be working now, but eventually you’re going to need to embrace the change. 

One method of Real Estate lead generation is social media advertising.  Give j4o Consulting a call to learn how you can effectively gain clients using our proven method of reaching a targeted audience that is interested in buying and/or selling a house. 

Another interesting article to take a look at is by David Braue from, Technology and property: disrupting the real estate industry.  Here, he discusses the latest in technology and where the industry is headed.  He goes on to say…

"The real estate business is upgrading from just advertising on the web to a sophisticated, secure system where all properties will one day be bought, sold and legally transferred online."  You can read more here:  Technology and property: disrupting the real estate industry.

What do you think?  Please comment in the Comment Section below and let’s discuss!


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