Videos Will Help Your Business Grow

In today’s online environment, it’s very important for small business owners … no matter what industry … know how to reach potential customers and clients.  Waiting for referrals or word of mouth is not the best way to grow your business.

The article below by Joe Forte discusses five tips for marketing your business.  Although a couple years old, his points are right on the money.

“It is not enough to simply have a good product anymore. Nowadays, marketing is the difference between a successful business and one that goes under. It provides you with a crucial opportunity to make a strong first impression and to set the stage of success in your company. Marketing allows you to identify and target your audience and market and bring their attention to your company and products.

In recent years, video marketing has exploded exponentially as it grabs a viewer’s attention but doesn’t let them drift away like other marketing mediums that require you to read rather than just watch. Just because it works for some though, is it going to work for you too? Here are five tips for marketing while using video to help your small business:

1. Going Beyond the Brand
One of the most overlooked, yet most effective ways to go beyond simple video marketing is to give the consumer something of value. Many businesses will usually decide that simply marketing their product or service will be enough. However, in a consumer market that feeds off of excitement and entertainment, being unique and standing out are the only ways for a business to survive. Read more at here…”

We at j4o Consulting can help you with your internet marketing through video.  We have the tools to create simple, yet effective promotional videos and ensure that they are seen on the internet.

Give us a call to help grow your business!  Please comment below on how you use video to spread the word about your business.  Call now:  (817) 203-4442.

from j4o Consulting – The j4o Blog


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